Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Social activist�s suggestion to administration for erasing fear of corona infection from dead

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Aug 11: Social Human Rights crusader Jawahar Lal Sharma has issued a press release to attract the district administration�s notice that mentions proper respect and ritualistic burial or cremation of persons who die due to coronavirus infection. Sharma stated in the press release that family members and relatives were scared to go anywhere near the corpse of their beloved for catching the coronavirus infection. The body is all wrapped up in a plastic bag and only the face is shown briefly before the funeral rites are performed hurriedly. As per practice now, the burial or cremation is done by the administration or relatives by donning PPE kits.

Sharma mentioned that due to the fear of COVID-19 virus, family members and relatives were scared to go close to the bodies of the victims. The HR activist suggested that in the case of people who die of tuberculosis formalin is injected in the bodies through an automated injection process that made it safe for the bodies being sent to their respective families for funeral rites without fear of infection. The same process, Jawahar Lal Sharma suggested could be adopted for the corpses of COVID-19 infected people.  He stated that there was an overdose of the fear factor and also said that since the bodies were covered in plastic people had also begun to suspect that kidneys and other transplantable body organs of the dead were being extracted. By adopting Formalin injection process, all doubts and fears would be put to rest, Sharma mentioned in his press release.

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