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Shobha Yatra, dance drama brings curtain down on Dharma Maha Sammelan

Jamshedpur, Sept 27: Two-day Dharma Maha Sammelan organised by Ananda Marga Pracharak Samgha at Sabuj Samgha, Telco Colony concluded on Sunday, September 27.

Thousands of devotees from Jharkhand, Bihar orissa and West Bengal participated in this DMS. A’c Kinshuk Ranjan Sarkar, President of Ananda Marga Pracharak delivered Speech on “Bha?gavata Dharma”.  

He told that the word “bha?gavata” means “pertaining to divinity” and dharma means “inherent characteristic”, so Bha?gavata dharma means “the way of life which leads to ensconcement in the supreme stance”. Dharma is a natural propensity, an inherent characteristic.

It refers to a particular spiritual way of life. Each and every object in this universe has its own innate characteristic, or svabha?va (Sva means “own” and bha?va means “propensity”). The innate characteristic of fire is to burn whatever it meets. The innate characteristic of human beings is to practice spirituality.

To make a clear distinction between spiritual practice and the other natural tendencies of mind in the mundane sense, such as eating and sleeping, the term “Bha?gavata dharma” is used to describe the higher tendencies.

Bha?gavata dharma refers to the innate tendency which leads human beings towards the Supreme Entity, which arouses in them a spontaneous love and attraction for the Supreme Entity.

In fact, in each and every human being there is love and attraction for the Supreme Entity. 48 hours Akhanda Kiirtan also concluded today.  

A Shobhayatra (procession) was taken out from Sabuj Kalyan Sangha and crossed all Telco area. A colourful dance drama titled uttishth Jagrat based on prabhat samgiita was also presented by Nrityangana group from Jamshedpur.

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