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Sheyn International School: Summer Camp concludes with colorful pool party


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Jamshedpur, May 20: Sheyn International School concluded its summer camp with a delightful pool party that brought immense joy to the tiny toddlers. The event, held at the school’s swimming pool, provided the children with a much-needed escape from the scorching heat while engaging in water play activities that enhanced their motor skills, balance, and navigation abilities.

The poolside was adorned with an abundance of colorful balloons and buntings creating a festive atmosphere. To add to the ambiance, tables were arranged with vibrant umbrellas, setting the stage for a memorable gathering.

The little ones arrived at the pool party adorned in their vibrant swim suits, eagerly accompanied by their attentive teachers. With clasped hands, the teachers guided the children into the water, transforming their initially hesitant expressions into pure delight and excitement. Everyone relished the opportunity to cool off and savor the experience.

Fresh citrus fruits and refreshing drinks were served to the children to enjoy while basking in the cool pool. As the tiny tots gleefully splashed water on each other, their vibrant swimwear and playful antics filled the atmosphere with infectious energy, lifting the spirits of all those present at the event.

Pushpa Bhalla, Principal (Administration), and Rama Srinivas, Principal (Academic), extended their congratulations to the teachers for organizing such a joyous and vibrant event for the children. Keya Adak, Vice Principal, and Simran Saggu, Headmistress, also expressed their warm appreciation for the organizers of this cheerful occasion. The pool party marked the perfect conclusion to the summer camp, leaving the children with unforgettable memories of fun and camaraderie.

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