Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Sharab Mukti Yatra welcomed in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, June 8: The Sharab Mukti Yatra which began from Hazaribagh on June 4 to help make Jharkhand alcohol free, arrived in Jamshedpur on June 8.

The members of the Jharkhand Pradesh Lok Samiti accorded warm welcome to the yatra as it reached the steel city on Thursday.

Lok Samiti’s Vinay Bhatt said, Jharkhand government should make a law and enforce full Alcohol ban in the state as it is anti-development and anti-society. Like the Nitish Kumar government banned alcohol in Bihar, the Jharkhand government should follow the same.

Rana further said that Jharkhand government should make a law so that manufacturing, selling and consuming alcohol should be banned in the state. Women played a vital role in the alcohol ban in Bihar and now its turn to help Jharkhand government to enforce the alcohol ban.

Present on the occasion were Kaushal Ganesh Azad, Shivji Singh, Poonam Bharti, Shankar Rana, Vinay Bhatt, Rakesh Ranjan, Upendra nath Mahato, Vijay, Renu Tiwary, Kumari Durgawati, Sanjay Tiwary, Ramchandra and others.

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