Friday, September 30, 2022

Sendra today, tribal groups leave for Dalma

Jamshedpur: Adivasis will celebrate the annual ritual hunting festival of Sendra on 8th May (tomorrow).

Hundreds of tribal people armed with traditional weapons left for the Dalma hills here on the eve of the festival. Many of them camped in Gipitij Tandi village near Fadlogora situated at the foothills of Dalma.

In view of the festival, Rakesh Hembram, Dalma Raja cum president of Dalma Buru Sendra Committee, led the tribal people in the worship of the forest deities to seek their blessings. A collective prayer was organized by the Sendra participants.

Sources said the tribals going to participate in the hunting will carry bow and arrow, swords, pick axe, spears and daggers with them. Musical instruments will also be carried bythe participants.

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