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Self-defence training a must for girls: Jharkhand Governor


Asks women colleges to start classes in martial arts

Jamshedpur, June 13: Governor Droupadi Murmu has favoured self-defence training for girls in the State. She said that all the girls of the state should be trained for martial arts and karate training so that they can defend themselves when in need.

Addressing the second day of National Goju Karate Training Camp 2018 organised at Mohan Ahuja Indoor Stadium, Murmu noted: “Karate is established in different countries as a popular mode. It has built-in self defence techniques that prove effective in protecting themselves in adverse circumstances. She informed that she has given instructions for starting training in martial arts and karate across all women colleges in the State.

The Governor said that Jharkhand has immense potential for sports development. Many talented players of the state have made the state and the nation proud by earning significant achievements in various sporting arenas.

“The children of our state need to be provided with international level sports facilities and training. This will boost the morale of the promising players and the name of the nation will be established all over the world,” said Murmu.

The governor said that sports is an integral part of our lives as well as being a source of entertainment. With the increase of physical health through sports, there is an increase in the sense of discipline in life. Healthy mind resides in healthy body. Sports enhances self confidence and the person who has confidence in it is ready to face the difficult and difficult situations of life.

She added that people are increasingly taking interest in sports. There has been a change in the ideology of the people and the scope of thinking is increasing. This positive change marks the golden future of the state.
Murmu also honored the recipients of the winners from Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam, Haryana and Punjab states by giving certificate.

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