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Seeing political dreams biting dust opposition misleading farmers: Arjun Munda

BJP organizes Kisan Panchayat for awareness on Farm Bills

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Saraikela, Dec 15: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) organized a Kisan Panchayat at the Saraikela Town Hall to make farmers from the three districts of Kolhan Region aware of the Farm Bills introduced by the central government. chief guest on the occasion and union Minister for Tribal Affairs Arjun Munda went hammer and tongs against the Congress party accusing it of misguiding farmers against bills drawn up for the tillers’ allround development and economic uplift. He said, “For 70 years and more the Congress ruled the country and disregarded the cause of farmers. Today, they are sobbing crocodile tears for the purpose of putting up impediments to their progress. The Congress realizes that the party’s political dreams are crumbling and biting dust and as a last ditch effort is misleading the farmers like a sinking man clings to a whiff of straw. Bait truth can never be subdued and the progress of the farmers through the provisions of the Farm Bills is written in bold.”

Arjun Munda observed that the Congress through 70 years led the farmers like the Pied Piper of Hamlin led the rats to their doom, to believe in false assurances. “It is Prime Minister Modi’s able and far sighted leadership that is ensuring the farmers their legitimate rights. The farmers too want their children to be doctors, engineers, high administrative officials and other top bras and with the introduction of these innovative and New Farm Bills, their dreams will be realized. These Bills opens up that chapter where farmers will be free to grow and sell their farm produce as per their choice. The middlemen will be eliminated and the international markets will open up newer vistas for their economic growth.”

The The Tribal Affairs minister said that the New Farm Bills will create fertile grounds to give the farmers their ownership over their land and double their income. “But in spite of these factors, they (the Congress) is hell-bent on misguiding the farmers. The party is creating barriers in the path of development. This can in no way be claimed as a good thought for the nation and national development,” he said.

Arjun Munda gave point-wise clarifications and explanations of the Farm Bills. He urged the participants at the Kisan Panchayat to ask questions for he said that question-answer sessions would lead to better understanding of the Farm Bills.

Addressing the Kisan Panchayat parliamentarian Vidyut Baran Mahto said that farmers were the food providers and that they should be considered gods by the community. “Prosperous farmers mean a prosperous nation and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has envisioned through the Farm Laws prosperous, independent lives of farmers. But certain elements determined to divide the country are the very same people who raised pro-Pakistan and pro-Afzal Guru slogans from the JNU and now they are acting as sympathizers of our farmer brethren by creating turbulence of distrust and confusion.”

Among the other party leaders who addressed the Panchayat were Laxman Gilua and Laxman Tudu. Ganesh Mahali anchored the proceedings. Those party elites present included Mangal Singh Soy, Menka Sardar, Ramesh Hansda, Geeta Balmuchu, Putkar Hembram, JG Tubid, Chami Murmu, Minakshi Pattanaik, Manoj Kumar Chowdhary, Bobby Singh, Niranjan Singh and many others.

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