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Schools all set for Teachers’ Day celebration

Jamshedpur : Stage is all set to for Teachers’ Day tomorrow. The teacher is entitled with the responsibility of not only educating the children but also how to help them turn into responsible citizens of the future.

Best teachers guide their students and show them the right path of life. They constantly inspire the students to learn more and encourage them to move towards success.

It is the teachers who mould their lives and remain with them all through their lives. They also teach them how to face the most difficult challenges of life and overcome them courageously.

Teacher’s day is the occasion to make every teacher feel special. Pay tribute to all the beloved teachers in your lives by presenting excellent programs to them.

Enthusiasm and festivity will mark the Teacher’s Day celebrations in the city on September 5. Campuses are gripped with fervour as students putting their best foot forward to pay respect to their teachers. From colleges to schools, every campus are abuzz with activities.

The concept of celebrating teachers’ day started on account of the birthday of the great teacher, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. He was a renowned scholar, President of India and an avid supporter of education.

Some students requested him to celebrate his birthday on 5th September after he became the President of India in 1962 and Dr. Radhakrishnan in reply told them that he wanted to observe this day as Teachers’ Day. Since then the people of our nation celebrate Teacher’s Day by paying great reverence for the teachers.

Students of Graduate School College for Women, Jamshedpur Worker’s College, Karim City College will organise programme in respect to their teachers, while schools like DBMS English School, Sacred Heart Convent and others will felicitate their teachers and present cultural programmes.

On this occasion of Teacher’s Day, the students play the roles of various characters from famous dramas and are also engaged in recitation, singing, dancing, competitions, quizzes, games and many other activities before their teachers.

Some school and college students cheer up the mood of the teachers even with spectacular Salsa dance and Bhangra. The students also sing appropriate songs to overwhelm their teachers.

In many schools, students are found to enact the roles of their teachers. The students also gift greeting cards to the teachers as a toke of love and appreciation and take their blessings to lead a successful life. In addition they also distribute cakes and sweets to their teachers and make them feel honored.

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