Tuesday, November 29, 2022

School van operators to introduce dress code from Sept 7

Jamshedpur : Jamshedpur School Vahan Sanchalak Samity,  the umbrella organisation of school campus vehicles, has decided to introduce new dress code from September 7. The decision to this effect was taken today during a meeting.

The officials informed that drivers will be wearing blue colour shirts with identity cards mentioning name and address of the driver, driving license number, contact number of the driver and blood group.

This apart, the school vans will also have ‘School Van’ written on front portion and have the contact number (mobile number) of the owner written on backside of the vehicle. Incidentally, around 3000 auto-rickshaws and nearly 2,500 vans carry students from different schools in city.

Incidentally, the samity had issued a cellphone number – 7543912315 – for parents to lodge complaints against any arbitrary fare hike between 9am and 1pm on July 8 last.

A group of autorickshaw and van drivers who carry school children have taken the responsibility to also monitor overloading in vehicles.

They have formed the samity with about 200 members have initiated a project to co-operate with the district administration and to organise the system that would benefit students, parents and themselves. The organisation recently conducted a meeting in front of the Sacred Heart Convent School.

” We want to coordinate with the administration. We are trying to do something for the first time in so many years.

The idea is to reduce the risk of the children are being ferried totally on risk and the administration has been trying to crackdown but nothing quite yielded result.

Therefore, we took this as our responsibility to monitor and also make the drivers counsel against overloading,” said, a member of the School Vahan Chalan Sangh.

Van operators has directed all the school van operators to install iron wires on side, rear and back windows of auto-rickshaws and vans at the earliest for safety of students.

“We were shocked after a Kg student of Telco-based Gulmohur School primary section sustained serious injury after falling off from a school van as the gate of the van opened.

To prevent such incident we have asked all van operators to install the iron wires which would act as protective sheath against kids from falling down,” said the samity general secretary Santosh Mandal.

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