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Sand trader murder: Police identify assailants, carry raids to nab culprits

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Jamshedpur, April 1: Probing the murder of sand trader Deepak Munda on Wednesday morning, the police have identified Krishna Gope as the main assailant who along with a three-member gang of criminals gunned down and stabbed Munda near S-Type area in Adityapur.

Krishna, a resident of Manjhitola in Adityapur, was also involved in sand business and he had developed bad relations with Munda following a quarrel over an issue a year ago.

Police said in all the six assailants, including Gope, were involved in killing Munda and all of them have fled the Adityapur locality soon after committing the crime. Except Gope none of the remaining five have been identified so far.

The police are trying to get identity of the remaining five accused by grilling the family members of Gope.
Officer in-charge of Adityapur police station, Arvind Kumar said that the police have succeeded in identifying Gope’s crime by quizzing several passers-by from the S-Type area, where the murder took place.

“We are investigating and conducting raids at the relatives of Gope and also trying to get the names of those who were with Gope by grilling his family members,” said Kumar.

Meanwhile, a four-member team from forensic science laboratory (FSL) from Ranchi, which had arrived at Adityapur late last evening, has started probing the murder.

The FSL team had collected the samples of the gun-powder from the SUV, the nails and splinters for understanding the kind of bomb used in the attack on Munda.

A source in the police said that the FSL team had sought the post-mortem report to find out the impact of the bomb in Munda’s body, but as the autopsy report was yet to be ready they went back without it.

Munda’s body was taken in a huge funeral procession to Parvati Ghaat in Bistupur where it was cremated on Friday morning. Before the funeral procession began, the body was kept in front of his house, where hundreds of local residents had paid their last tributes to the slain JMM activist.

Munda was earlier in BJP and two years ago he had switched over to JMM. However, during the last few years he was more active in the business activities than in politics.

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