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Remembering Bapu: Series of online events mark Gandhi Jayanti at KPS

Jamshedpur: Kerala Public School Trust commemorated Gandhi Jayanti by organising a gallery of online Inter � School competitions, on October 2.
It was to synchronise a universal celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s message of Truth and Ahimsa (non -violence) his 151st birth anniversary.

It was an endeavour to rekindle the thoughts and works of the Father of Nation. It was exclusive to the students of the six branches of Kerala Public Schools, viz, KPS � Kadma, Mango, Gamharia, Rairangpur, Burmamines and NML and for all segments.
Several events including-semi classical rendition of song relevant to �Gandhi Jayanti’, dance in semi- classical or creative free style, speech � �Bapu in My life�, pencil or charcoal drawing of Bapu, Bapu Style: Dress up or walk like Bapu including few words on Bapu, Bapu Rock: Rap or rock composition, graphic video collage of 5 minutes on Bapu, style Bapu�s quote and Bapu logo.

Almost 1312 students participated in the above events under the banner of �Remembering Bapu”. Gift vouchers and E- certificates will be awarded to all the winners. Each event was categorized under four segments as mentioned below: Pre- primary, Primary, Middle School, High School.
Judges for the event were Mona Bahadur, Shiju Ashok, Jasmine Adesara, Anamika Singh and Vishnu Sharat.

Dr. Sunil Nandwani, consultant physician at Mercy Hospital and also one of the most sought after Professional Public Speaker on Life Issues was the guest Speaker. Dr. Nandwani spoke on Mahatma Gandhi’s life and his apostles of truth and non-violence. He emphasized on Mahatma Gandhi�s anecdotes and motivated the students to imbibe the ideals taught by him in their day to day life. He inspired the students to be honest to themselves and be bold enough to admit the mistakes. The Director of Kerala Public Schools, Sharat Chandran under whose guidance the event was successfully conducted, also enriched with his inspirational words.
Sharmila Mukherjee, Principal Kerala Public School, Kadma emphasized on the key take – away of the event and congratulated the students and parents for participating with huge enthusiasm in the event.
Total no. of prizes won are 108 including 28 in pre-primary segment, 29 in primary, 28 in middle school and 23 in high school category.

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