Sunday, June 4, 2023

Registered sons for priority in Tata Steel’s recruitment 


Jamshedpur, May 26 : The registered sons have given an memorandum to Sanjeev Chowdhary Tunnu, president of Tata Workers Union, the authorized union of Tata Steel. In this memorandum, the registered sons and daughters have given some of their written suggestions on the process of recruitment and employment of the registered ones in the new company to be formed in Tata Steel.

These people have said that the main basis of the restoration in the company should be the preference of the registered employee sons, the employee sons whose age is more than the standard fixed limit, all those employee sons should transfer their registration to their son or daughter to the second generation. Facility should be provided, the reinstatement of the registrants in the new company should be on the basis of preference and the age limit should be 48 years to 50 years.

Apart from this, the new company should also get the protection of Tata Works Union and all the registered sons should not be sent outside Jamshedpur even if they are employed in Jamshedpur plant. These people have suggested that they should not be deprived of all the facilities that Tata Steel is providing to all its employees till now, in the name of the new company, no reinstatement of any of the registered sons on medical and any other grounds.

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