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Rare opportunity to hear Bhagwath Katha: Acharya Vijay Prakash

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Jamshedpur: Under the aegis of Srividya Shakti Sarvaswam of Chennai and with the blessings of Shrimata Lalitambika Rajrajeshwari Tripursundari on the fourth day today of the nine-day Shri Amba Yagna Nav Kundatmak Sahastrachandi Mahayagna and Srimad Devi Bhagwat Katha Gyan Yagna, narrator Acharya Vijay Prakash Maharaj dwelt at length on the episodes of Krishna Avatar, Mahishasur Janm and the Devi�s appearance in the mortal world.

The Maharaj explained, �It is indeed a rare opportunity to hear Bhagwath Katha in one�s lifetime. Therefore whenever you get an opportunity to hear it, don�t miss it. If you act or work as per the teachings of this religious epic, the purpose would be served. If you act accordingly you will be walking on the path as shown by the Almighty.�

While narrating the episode of Shri Krishna, the Acharya said that Lord Shri Krishna had decimated evil in the forms of Putana, Vakrasur, Vatsasur and Pralambasur. He destroyed Kans and all other demons to free the universe of evil. He narrated, �In order to demolish the evil forces like the Asuras, all the Gods prayed to Mother Bhagwati Tripur Sundari and it was as Her blessings that the Mother manifested Herself in the form of Mother Durga and killed the mightiest demon, Mahishasur to protect Her mortal children.�

While Acharya Vijay Prakash Maharaj Ji was narrating the event of Lord Shri Krishna�s birth, the huge crowd of devotees went into a trance and swayed in unison chanting the Lord�s name. they were exhilarated when relevant floats were presented.

31 hosts performed the Yagna on the fourth day, Tuesday, December 31. Guruji Sudama Shastri Ji from Vrindavan also gave his message of blessings to the devotees today.

On Wednesday, January 1, 2020, a discourse on Mahishasur Mardini, decimation of Vritrasur and Raja Nahush will be taken up by the narrator.

Among the devotees present today were Jamshedpur West legislator Banna Gupta and his wife and the District Judge Manoj Prasad and his family.

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