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Profiteering tendency has made medical treatment expensive: Saryu Roy

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Jamshedpur, June 22: The poverty stricken family from Purulia who arrived at Ganga Memorial Hospital in Mango after being refused treatment on various pretext by medics in his hometown in Bara Bazaar met their savior in the hospital�s Director, Dr N Singh who reassured the helpless couple with another go at life.

The incident pertains to rickshaw puller from Purulia, Hari whose wife Bandini was in unbearable abdominal pain. Hari had taken her to local doctors and treatment centres but all had referred them to some big hospital. Hari faced a predicament. The lockdown had resulted in loss of work as rickshaws were banned from plying. He had no money in his pocket. Hari hired a bicycle from Bara Bazaar at Rs 50 per day and pedaled all the way from Purulia with his ailing wife and seven year old daughter in tow, covering a distance of more than 100 kilometers to Jamshedpur.

On hearing the woeful tale of Hari and seeing the pathetic condition of a writhing Bandini, Dr N Singh after examining the 29 year old woman without a second thought decided to go in for surgery. Bandini�s appendix had burst. After the surgery, Bandini recovered and on Monday, she was as fit as new. The kindness of a doctor living by every word of the Hippocratic Oath went further. Apart from free surgery, free medication and free hospital charges, the family of three was provided food throughout, the bicycle rental was paid for and a new bicycle presented to Hari. To make the humane spirit further memorable firebrand legislator Saryu Roy was present to gift fruits and food essentials to Bandini and the new bicycle to Hari. Unchecked tears of gratitude rolled down the cheeks of the couple. Hari, speaking in Bengali said that they had met their God in Dr N Singh.

The couple and their daughter will be sent home by an ambulance on Tuesday, June 23. Saryu Roy observed on the occasion, �This is not the first time that a poor patient has been treated free at Ganga Memorial Hospital. Dr N Singh�s big heart is well known for human kindness that it exudes. The government should protect and preserve such hospitals. The charges here are moderate, affordable and genuine. In hospitals run by corporates, the profiteering tendency has made medical treatment expensive while government hospitals, like government schools present a bleak picture.�

Roy said that he had personally referred many poor and needy patients to Ganga Memorial Hospital. He said that on many such occasions, Dr Singh did not charge any money for even complicated treatments including surgery. �This hospital has all the super speciality facilities. The charges are very reasonable. It has been said that doctors are Gods for patients,� Saryu Roy stated.

Dr N Singh said that he was inspired by his mother to never let any patient go unattended. �I have always believed that service to man is service to God. I try to provide the best medical attention. Many patients who have serious medical conditions cannot afford to pay the charges. We take whatever they are able to pay or we don�t charge at all. The main purpose lies in curing the patients� ailments.�

Dr Singh said that Hari and his wife have been assured of his attention and help in whatever requirements they have at any point of time or situation.

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