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President Murmu assures action on key public interest issues raised by Kunal Sarangi


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Jamshedpur, May 22: In a courtesy meeting between BJP Jharkhand State Spokesperson and former MLA Kunal Sarangi and President Draupadi Murmu, held in New Delhi, five crucial issues related to public interest were discussed. Kunal Sarangi drew the attention of President Draupadi Murmu to these matters, seeking her intervention and prompt action. The President, in turn, assured Sarangi that she would consider the issues and consult with the relevant departmental ministers for a solution.

During the meeting, Sarangi emphasized the need for the early commencement of air services in Jamshedpur. While small aircraft operations have begun under the UDAN scheme connecting Kolkata and Bhubaneshwar, the service linking other major cities in the country is yet to be initiated. Sarangi urged for a swift decision on site selection and prompt commencement of the project.

Another important concern raised by Sarangi pertained to the establishment of institutional mechanisms to address cases of harassment against both women and men in the states. He stressed the importance of formulating rational and balanced rules to combat atrocities against women while ensuring that the system is not exploited. Sarangi highlighted the need for creating an institutional system, such as a men’s commission, in all states to address the issues faced by men.

Sarangi also advocated for the establishment of a satellite center of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Jamshedpur. He emphasized that the industrial city urgently requires a high-quality super specialty medical institute. With the current dependence on Tata Main Hospital (TMH), a satellite center of AIIMS similar to the one in Balasore, Odisha, would greatly benefit the people of Jamshedpur and neighboring areas.

Furthermore, Sarangi urged the President to expedite the Chakulia-Budhamara railway line project and initiate the Vande Bharat train service. He specifically requested the launch of trains from Jharsuguda to Howrah via Tatanagar, as well as from Tata to Darbhanga, Sakkri, Nirmali Saharsa, and Patna via Hazaribagh. Sarangi believed that these transportation initiatives would improve connectivity and cater to the growing needs of the region.

Lastly, Sarangi brought attention to the non-payment of outstanding honorarium and incentive amounts to Jal Sahiyas (community health workers) in the state. Approximately 2,300 Jal Sahiyas from East Singhbhum district have been awaiting their dues for nearly 50 months, leading to dire consequences for their well-being. Sarangi requested immediate action to rectify this situation and alleviate the hardships faced by the Jal Sahiyas. President Draupadi Murmu assured Sarangi that she would carefully consider all the raised issues and collaborate with the relevant departmental ministers to find suitable solutions. The meeting concluded with Sarangi expressing his gratitude to President Murmu by presenting her with Angvastram as a token of honor.

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