Friday, December 1, 2023

Pranic Healing Foundation Trust meditation session on Sunday

Jamshedpur, March 18: Denizens can look forward to take lessons on no-touch, no-drug therapy known as Pranic Healing.

Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Trust of Jharkhand will conduct a mega meditation session and a discourse on the law of Karma, power of words and forgiveness and meditation techniques on Sunday at Hotel Alcor.

The trust has also opened a centre at Sonari to spread its reach in steel city.

Addressing a press meet on Friday, a Pranic healing practitioner Neeraj Jain said that Pranic healing is based on two simple principles that the human body has the power to heal itself and that this process is accelerated by transferring prana or life energy to the area where it is needed.

�Our only aim is to spread peace in the world. Pranic healing has been taught in the Philippines, India, and Europe for several years.

Pranic healing which has been accepted by many doctors and hospitals works well on physical problems such as backache, diabetes, blood pressure, and as also on depression, and stress,� noted Jain, adding that over 300 people will participate in the event tomorrow.

He further added that a pranic healer activates the energy body in two steps: cleansing the diseased energy in the energy body to remove pain or discomfort, and by transferring fresh energy to the affected areas.

The duration and frequency of treatment depends on various factors including the severity of the problem, age and receptivity of the patient. Jain informed that they plan to organize more such sessions in the city so that people can gain from it.

Ayush Jain, another pranic healing practitioner, said that regular practice of this technique also leads to reduced stress, better health and enhanced intuition. Such spiritual techniques will attract energies of peace, love, and compassion which in turn will draw high levels of positivity through the energy world.

He noted that in order to facilitate the healing process, a peaceful environment is a necessity which can be promoted through peaceful demonstrations, and by refraining from using negative words in slogans.

The Twin Heart meditation technique is particularly important in healing the city that also enables rapid spiritual growth by enhancing our spiritual connection with our soul or our divine nature.

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