Thursday, October 28, 2021

Police foils abduction attempt

Jamshedpur, August 24: The police team on Monday nabbed a group of 8 kidnappers from Ramchavi chowk in Adityapur.

They were eloping off with the victim on a white Bolero car when the police caught them. Police also arrested serial crimes’ mastermind in Jamshedpur, Pankaj Dubey who is one of the involved in the kidnapping attempt.

In a suspected kidnap and murder attempt, victims Rajesh Mishra and Abhishek Prasad were overpowered into the Bolero car. The police tracked them down and arrested the kidnappers.

SP Indrajit Mahta brought to light the entire series of events that followed crime. Pankaj and Abhishek operate a supply business that deals in sand and ash in Adityapur railway colony.

In regard to this there was often a brawl between local miscreants and the duo. Today the scuffle went out of hand and they were beaten to the blue by the goons.

In order to teach lesson to the duo, a group of around 15 men picked both of them up in a white Bolero and were supposed to be murdered & disposed off into the Kharkai River. SP further informed that on receiving the information the police of RIT, Adityapur and Gamharia formed a team and tracked them down.

As soon as the police team reached the spot near Ramchavi chowk, the musclemen escaped. However the police managed to track them down and arrest 8 of them.

The police also recovered 4 motor bikes from the spot and a white Bolero car which had no number plate and was being used to carry out the crime. At the time of arrest 7 of them held cane sticks, hockey sticks and baseball bats. The group leader Pankaj Dubey possessed a pistol.

The victims are in a shock situation and have been admitted in the hospital under strict protection of the police. The culprits have been sent to jail.

The arrested Pankaj is the mastermind of several crimes that has taken place in the city. He was also a suspect of Ram Sakal murder case in Jubilee Park.

He is also a close aide of Upender Singh who is at large in the above murder case. This crackdown of the kidnapping case can prove to be a stepping stone for the police and can hint at many revelations from the culprit.

Several cases have been registered in police stations across Jamshedpur and Dubey has been avoiding arrest since long.

The team of police officers who performed this heroic track & arrest operation included Arvind Kumar, Amarjit Prasad, Adikant Mahato, Chandra Bhushan Singh, S.N.Tiwary, Sunil Kumar and others.

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