Friday, December 1, 2023

Panchayat areas reel under lack of cleanliness

Seraikela : Due to strike of cleanliness staff the areas of panchayat are reeling under lack of cleanliness.

The hot and humid summer in the area has not only made life difficult but has also increased the woes of the people.

Several cases of serious diseases, such as dehydration, gastroenteritis, jaundice and viral fever are being reported in the city with nursing homes and hospitals witnessing spurt in admissions According to experts the unattended filth and garbage spread all over are some of the major reasons that have led to the breeding of mosquitoes.

In most cases, the garbage and waste is overflowing for days as the concerned staff do not bother to remove it through the waste lifters.

�Heaps of garbage and filth lie unattended in our locality but there is no one to listen.

A drain is over flowing nearby our complex though I went to lodge a complained but despite assurances the situation remains the same.

The stink and unhygienic atmosphere bothers commuters, especially pedestrians using footpaths along the roads. People inhale these particles and fell victim to various infectious diseases,� noted a resident.

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