Sunday, October 17, 2021

Pakistan continues to spread terrorism

 By Lalit Garg

Pakistan seems to be deciding that it will not show any improvement in case of terrorism. You will not be deterred by your antics. India again and again taught Pakistan a lesson by entering the house, but Pakistan is not ready to come on the straight path. Pakistan’s economy is in a flutter, life is triumphant, it is disturbed, yet instead of improving its internal conditions, it forces terrorism, being anti-terrorism to throw dust in the eyes of the world. Pakistan pretends to be good but their acts are always susceptible so when will he get goodwill?

The ten-year imprisonment awarded by a Pakistani court to Hafiz Saeed, the founder and global terrorist of Lashkar-e-Taiba, is only showing his absence and imprisonment. Even though this decision has been given to the world at first sight by this decision of the Pakistani judiciary, the Government of Pakistan’s stance on terrorism has come strongly and it is leaving no stone unturned to take action against the terrorists. But is that really so? Has there been a change in the mind set of Pakistan to nurture and foster terrorism? Has the Pakistani government taken a tough stand regarding terrorists, their organizations and the empire? It does not seem like all this is a whim, a result of international pressures.

Hafiz Saeed, one of the world’s most dreaded terrorists, may have been sentenced by a Pakistani court in two cases of terror funding (terror funding), confiscated his property and also fined Rs 1.1 lakh if  this is true then it is the big surprise of the world. Because the news of Hafiz Saeed’s punishment, keeping him jailed and taking action against his organizations, it surprises because it is Pakistan’s lies and hypocrisy. Saeed has been punished even before and by taking such actions, Pakistan has been dusting the eyes of the world, misleading it. The question is that if the Government of Pakistan is so strict against Saeed and his organization, then how is Saeed engaged in carrying out terrorist operations from jail? Three-four days ago, the terrorists carrying out a major attack in Nagrota in Jammu and Kashmir belonged to Lashkar.

Hafiz Saeed has been a long, disgusting and inhuman face of terrorism and terrorist incidents. He is an outspoken terrorist growing terrorism in the world including India. It is noteworthy that India has been looking for Hafiz Saeed for the last many years. Saeed is the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai serial blasts. 164 people, including six Americans, were killed in this attack. America has declared a reward of ten million dollars on Saeed. He is the founder of the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. In Pakistan, he runs an organization called Jamaat-ud-Dawa. The US government website rewards for the Justice has also described Hafiz Saeed as the founder of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Ahle Hadid and Lashkar-e-Taiba. Ahle Hadid is an Islamic organization established to enforce Islamic rule in India, which has been continuously carrying out terrorist activities in India.

Hafiz Saeed was also involved in the Mumbai train blasts in the year 2006. Saeed also targeted the Indian Parliament in 2001. He is included in the NIA’s Most Wanted list. After the Mumbai attack, India had asked Pakistan to hand it over. Irrefutable evidence of the role of its terrorist organizations in all attacks has also been given to Pakistan. But Pakistan has been denying that the real perpetrators of the attacks are with it. Rather, Pakistan has been consistently denying Saeed as a terrorist. Its organizations have been banned by the United States, Britain, European Union, Russia and Australia, including India.

Hafiz Saeed and his patronage Pakistan are known in the world not for any good or noble cause, but as a country of terrorism. America has been given this title to Pakistan for decades. The money that Pakistan has received from the US for the elimination of terrorism has been used to spread terrorism. US agencies themselves have revealed this. Pakistan had kept the Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden hidden in the biggest terrorist attack on America. Actually terrorism is a part of government policy of Pakistan. It is also not hidden from the world that Pakistan’s military and intelligence agency ISI only provide money, weapons and training to terrorist organizations. It is because of these harsh truth and creepy situations that the US Finance Department has declared Saeed a specially identified global terrorist.

In December 2008, he was declared a terrorist under Resolution 1267 of the United Nations Security Council. It may be difficult for Pakistan to get financial support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the European Union due to being on the FATF’s ‘gray’ list. In order to get rid of the difficulties it is facing in getting financial help from international financial institutions and for the country that is constantly facing cash crisis, more problems will increase, in view of these conditions Pakistan is now forced by the likes of Hafiz Saeed and taking some steps as a show of protest against him.

 The minister of the Government of Pakistan himself accepted the Pulwama attack in Parliament recently. Evidence has also come out that Dawood Ibrahim, the mastermind of the Mumbai bomb blast, is living in the army and ISI shelters in Pakistan, but Pakistan has also denied this reality and has not handed over Dawood to India. In fact if Pakistan is against terrorism, then hand over a terrorist like Hafiz Saeed to India. The real punishment for terrorists like that India should punish them. For this, there should be international pressure on Pakistan.

Not only India, it is necessary to take strong steps and pressurize the terrorist situations of Pakistan to make the world life free from terror, it is possible to solve many big problems, due to which the worsening conditions of Pakistan will also improve. With this, the world can be freed from burning problems like terrorism and war. Pakistan will have to be reformed to move the world’s civilization and culture towards non-violence and terror-liberation; this will also prevent their deteriorating conditions.

(Lalit Garg is a Journalist, columnist, writer and member of Rajbhasa samiti, Ministry of Home Affairs. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at

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