Monday, January 17, 2022

Oxygen generation plants enhance healthcare facilities in Jharkhand

TSF leads the way with commissioning 10 PSA oxygen plants

Jamshedpur, Dec 3: In its efforts to combat COVID-19 and be future ready, Tata Steel Foundation has commissioned 10 state-of-the-art Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen plants at various locations across Jharkhand.

These plants are a step ahead in the direction of ensuring that there is no shortage of medical oxygen for patients and this has also significantly increased the number of oxygen-supported beds in every hospital. While seven plants have been setup at specific locations after consultation with the Jharkhand government, three are located at the operational locations of Tata Steel in the state.

Dr Anuj Bhatnagar, Head (Public Health), Corporate Social Responsibility, Tata Steel, says, “Healthcare services and hospitals across the state were under tremendous pressure due to treatment of COVID19 patients. During such times during the second wave of the pandemic, acute shortage of medical oxygen was often felt by healthcare providers in certain areas. The existing supply chain of oxygen cylinders was tremendously stretched and existing oxygen generating plants were often not enough in number to cater to the greatly increased demand. It was necessary that Tata Steel Foundation as a responsible organisation stepped up to the situation, we had a discussion with the National Health Mission, Jharkhand and identified locations where additional requirement was acutely felt. The plants were thus setup in such locations on war footing.”

The PSA Oxygen Plants, setup in collaboration with MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd, will not only make the hospitals fully self-sufficient hospital in terms of medical oxygen supply but will also enhance the medical facility by providing uninterrupted oxygen support to 50-80 beds inside the hospitals with Medical Gas Pipeline Supply (MPGS). These gas plants require low maintenance and produce the desired results in a hassle-free manner, which can be used in the hospitals.

Hospitals run by Tata Steel across operational areas have managed a large number of Covid-19 patients during the first and second waves as designated as Covid-19 dedicated centres, and have provided advanced medical care to community members. The company has been collaborating with the Central and State Governments to augment the supply chain of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) in the country.

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