Monday, January 24, 2022

Online purchasing has drastically changed our products and purchasing capabilities

By Muneer Shamee

Modern technology not only provides an opportunity in enhancing purchasing ability but also give an access to save our precious time and money. Online products are highly competitive, providing the price comparison, make the purchase easier and to grab the opportunity within a limited time span. It is a form of e- commerce by visiting the website of a retailer using different browser with a wide varieties of products like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, home theatres, washing machines, mixer grinder, sofa cushions, refrigerators, apparels, footwears, audio-visual aids, branded T.V and Air conditioners alongwith their accessories. It is a place where customer buy products with no regular ‘ brick and mortar’ retailer or shopping centres and enabling to view the reviews of their products alongwith their features and available discounts.

Smartphones and online mode of shopping has drastically changed our products and purchasing capabilities. Products sale have numerous advantages offering cash on delivery, cash back delivery, less or no shipping charge, 24 hours online delivery, saves our money on electrical bills, gas cylinders, hassle free shopping, options of product description with text, photos and multimedia files. Online shopping also provides a link to the safety procedures, demonstration, information, users advice, comment to rate their items. In comparison to retail stores online stores avail an opportunity of online chats, online mode to handle their query related to their products. A few clicks of fingertips saves our time. In the world of online shopping we can purchase when we  have desire or spare times. Wide variety of online products suits our requirements and budgets. Online purchase via the internet offers pay less with online coupons. By using Flipkart, Amazon , Snapdeal, End Clothing, Mantra and many more we can have an easy return of products, easy keeping of online purchase records. With no pressure to purchase the product, online provides a less crowd on weekends, festivals shoppings. On the occasion of birthday’s, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other forthcoming events we can send our gifts easily to our near and dear ones. It also provides a platform to purchase things like adult ware and lingerie without an embarrassment. No sales tax, same day delivery and credit cards or loyalty cards facilities are available for inbusiness  or repeated customers.

Online shopping has more risk than offline purchase in stores. There is a higher risk of fraud, hacking of accounts, theft of logging details, money deductions and other privacy issues. Lack of physical examination of products provides less shopping experience, showroom atmosphere, smart attendants, lack of offline discounts available at stores. The frustrating part of shopping is long duration of online delivery and no options of bargaining of prices and payment. It has negative environment impact on packaging of plastic products. Too much spending a time on buying online products results in straining of eyes and causes irritation. Sometime online website are not friendly, scamny and puzzling one harassing the customers with no service assistant in the vast expanding world of online products. Sometime it is difficult to return the products or get a refund and cash back facilities. Definitely online access to the products have numerous advantages but they are less reliable and risk of distrust remain forever from the unknown seller. 

Some security measures like use of authenticated websites, update of software and operating, effective passwords and anti- virus reduce the risk of malpractices or online hazards. Use of reliable online stores enhance the opportunity of personal and payment information secure on paying online. We should avoid using unknown files sent via e-mail, storing password and personal information on our computer. Beware of variety of scams in the world of internet user. Always remain in contact with the nearest bank and search about their policies about debit cards or credit cards purchases and follow necessary guidelines for online purchase.

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