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Novelist at 13, Carmel Junior College student pens detective novel

Jamshedpur, Jan. 21 : Spinning a fictional yarn of crime and suspense, Rini Bhatia, a student of Carmel Junior College, Sonarihas turned author at the age of 13.Her debut novel, ‘The Escapades of Alina James’ has been published by Notion Press and was presented at recently concluded Delhi Book Fair.

“Suspense intrigues me. I read books and Harry Potter series by J K Rowling is among my inspirations,” says Rini, resident of Circuit House area.

The 13-year-old has conjured up a tale ondetective Alina James of the Edinburgh.The protagonist has never left any case unsolved in her entire life. But the first time when she got outsmarted, was by a completely unknown man-Vincent Mudgrave. Alina is the perfect example of dedication and passion for one’s job.

“It feels nice to have written my first novel. People ask me more about my thoughts now and appreciate my work. I want to continue to write more novels,” says Rini.
Recalling his not-so-long journey, the author says, “I started writing this book last year and finished in just six months”.

The protagonist of her novel Alina is the perfect example of dedication and passion for one’s job. Alina’s passion to solve mysteries made her go through many gripping adventures and very problematic cases that got her into serious trouble also, at times. To the world, Alina is very tense fully workaholic, but she comes alive when she is face to face with cases and mysteries. Alina always had the so-called sixth sense since childhood, which made her very unique.

A student of class eight, Rini wants to make a career in the field of writing. Circuit House resident Rini’s mother Sandeep Kaur and father Harvinder Singh have always motivated and inspired her.

“It’s a big achievement at such a small age. Rini who’s a 13-year-old girl went much beyond her years and dared to pen down her first novel. I encourage and insist her to continue with her writing habit, and wish her a promising an extraordinary writing career ahead,” said her mother Sandeep.

The young author who is currently focussing on her studies says that her habit of writing diary eventually led to the conception of the book.

“I have always been writing a diary. It is always good to have stuff that you can put down on pages and flip through them later and relive them,” she says.
“I was flipping through the pages of my diary and I thought why not try and weave this into a story. That is how it started,” she adds.

“My book should stand out because it has a lot of facts and it has a message and if people are observant, they will grasp it,” she says.The book is available on sale at and Flipkart.

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