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NML dedicates HDPS for laboratory scale simulation

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Jamshedpur : The Hot Dip Process Simulator (HDPS) facility for laboratory scale simulation of in-line continuous hot dip galvanizing and galvannealing processes was inaugurated today at CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory ( NML), Jamshedpur.

Dr. Tridibesh Mukherjee, chairman, Empowered Board, Jamshedpur, inaugurated the HDPS simulator. The simulator is procured under the project entitled �Study on the Interface Layer Formation during Hot Dip Galvanizing of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) or Dual Phase Steels for Automotive Applications� jointly sponsored by Steel Development Fund, Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India and Tata Steel Ltd. Jamshedpur.

Dr. N.G. Goswami, acting director, CSIR-NML welcomed the empowered board members, invitees from industries and the project team from CSIR-NML and Tata Steel. He highlighted the genesis of the project proposal and the need to have a hot dip galvanising simulator at CSIR-NML.

Dr. Goswami said, the leading Indian galvanized steel producers are also looking for up-gradation of their process technology for producing materials conforming to very stringent quality specifications for high end applications. The HDPS system installed at CSIR-NML will be able to simulate the hot dip galvanising process in laboratory scale to cater to the demand by the steel and automotive industries.

Moreover, the simulator will also be available for standard GI/GA coating processes as well as for the complex, highly advanced thermal treatment simulation to cater to the latest research requirements for thermal treatment and coating of AHSS and other steel grades needed by automotive industry.

While delivering his inaugural address, Dr. Mukherjee highlighted the importance of AHSS in the automobile sector and the future prospects of good quality steel products in the world.

He emphasised that �Make in India� initiative of the Govt. of India would push the country to be one of the largest producers of the automotive grade high strength steels.

He said that the HDPS installed at CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur, will help the steel industries in developing good quality adherent coating for advanced high strength steels, which will enable the Indian industries to compete with the reputed manufacturers across the world.

He opined that the installation of the HDPS at CSIR-NML is just a milestone and it requires further efforts from the laboratory as well as the Indian industries to achieve pioneering results in the coming future.

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