Saturday, December 2, 2023

NASI promotes science in Singhbhum

Jamshedpur : The National Academy of Science, India (NASI), Jharkhand Chapter in association with CSIR National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur organized one day Science & Technology Convention for the students and science teachers of West Singhbhum district of the state at the Govt. + 2 High School Barajamda.

A total of 212 students and 10 Science teachers from four schools, namely – DAV School, Noamundi,
Govt. + 2 High School Barajamda, St. Mery School, Noamundi, and Saraswati Sishu Mandir, Barajamda participated in the deliberation.

The progamme included Invocation (in Hoo language) by the assembled students, formal Inauguration,
welcome of dignitaries, eliberation on Science Educational situation in and around the area, Problem in achieving the educational goal, Situation of science education in schools, Method of inculcating scientific
temper among the students, Scientific learning from the nature, Dissemination of program to other schools,
Interaction with students by question – answer, and Plantation of seedling in school premises.

Amod Mishra, Science Teacher and Resource Person of West Singhbhum in his Welcome Address said
“Founded in the year 1930 at Allahabad, NASI is the oldest Science Academy of the Country and also
last year it opened up its Jharkhand Chapter, consisting of its few advisors, Fellow, Secretary Dr. Arvind Sinha and Chairman Dr. S. Srikanth, Director, CSIRNML, Jamshedpur.

The main objective of Academy is to provide a national forum to accelerate inclusive development with
intervention of Science & Technology”.

Dr. N.G. Goswami, Chief Scientist, CSIRNML is coordinating this projects. Mishra, added, “To-day we have assembled here to boost up the Science education and promote a science culture among the pupils of West Singhbhum.

Already students and Science teachers have assembled here and we must look forward to solve their problems”.

NASI Jharkhand Chapter, Secretary. Dr. Arvind Sinha, ignited the minds of students asking several questions including the valued Indian contribution in Science.

Students enthusiastically replied as the mathematical number “Zero”. Dr. Sinha then elaborated on this great contributions which lead to the basics of Computer Science “0” and “1”.

He said that in science, knowing is more important than studying. He encouraged students by telling them that most of the great scientist of present era, were not degree holders, but they had great observation power which lead to the foundation of Science in the Globe.

Dr. N.G. Goswami, Coordinator of the programme attracted the attention of the students narrating many such interesting example from his experiences to establish that we usually do not need a so called Research

He said “Nature” herself provided the “Open Laboratory”. One only needs to see things which normally people do not see and critically analyse them to establish the relationships or connectivity among each other.

Finding this will be very interesting and lay the path of chain of new innovation. He added, “Human physical body (Health) itself is the great gift of Nature.

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