Thursday, November 30, 2023

NASA to develop augmented reality glasses for astronauts

New York, March 15 (IANS) Several outer space tasks like doing repairs and conducting experiments may become a lot easier for astronauts now as NASA is developing augmented reality glasses like Google Glass for them.

These specially developed glasses can project any information needed by its user right into the glasses’ lenses.

NASA has recently teamed up with the San Francisco-based company Osterhout Design Group to develop such computerised glasses.

According to the US space agency, it was planning to develop a virtual reality glass that can project specific how-to guidelines that will then be followed by the astronauts, according to a Venture Beat report.

Presently, astronauts in space missions solely rely on printed instruction manuals.

If they are doing repairs on outer space they use index cards, held together by metal rings, in order to give them information on how to fix the problem.

NASA’s engineering department is on busy developing a system that will integrate the organisations software into the glasses.

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