Thursday, March 30, 2023

MTMH first in Eastern India to get 3T Silent 48 Channel MRI


Jamshedpur, Sept 27: The Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital (MTMH) becomes the first hospital in eastern India to get a 3T Silent 48 Channel MRI. The ultra-modern diagnostic machine was inaugurated today at the hospital and will benefit citizens of Jamshedpur and surrounding areas.

The occasion of inauguration of 3T Silent 48 Channel MRI at Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital was graced by Sunil Bhaskaran, VP Corporate Services, Tata Steel as the Chief Guest. Rakeshwar Pandey, President, MTMH Employees’ Union was also present at the occasion as the Guest of Honour for the event.

The implementation of 3T Silent 48 Channel MRI will help the patients of Jamshedpur and the surrounding areas, who now can have a larger array of imaging options with high quality images for a more confident diagnosis.

The quiet suite will help increase patient comfort by reducing sound by 97% without compromising on image quality and also reducing the need for sedation in pediatric and elderly patients.

This latest and the state-of-the-art MRI with TIM and DOT technology will provide for faster results and enable comfortable examination of patients leading to improved MRI work flow. Its ability to provide excellent detailed pictures will provide a boost to better diagnostic facilities in Jamshedpur.

The quiet mode and wide bore facilities are extremely patient friendly and will effectively improve healthcare delivery at the Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital.

The advanced neuro-suite with perfusion imaging, diffusion imaging will be useful in better diagnosis and tractography and will provide detailed images to the neurosurgeons prior to surgery and therefore the damage to the nerve fibers can be reduced.

The advanced Onco suite will help to evaluate metastasis and unknown primary tumors. The breast MR imaging has proven of very high sensitivity to breast lesions and is a gold standard for examination of silicon implants.

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