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MNPS alumnus idea helps student decide on a career with skill and will


Jamshedpur, March 16: An Interesting activity was organized by Motilal Nehru Public School (MNPS) former student Abhishek Choudhary, who presently has his own startup � SAANJHA, which collaborates with schools and communities.

Abhishek had featured in the ‘Forbes’ magazine as one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs of India. In this workshop, Abhishek made students write five “Potentials� that they possessed.

He prompted them to discuss how to make skill versus will graph and rate options. This idea helped students to decide upon a career that has skill and will. He began his session with three golden words which the world mostly imposes on every youngster � Set, Settle and Settlement.

He emphasized on how to reach life’s goal systematically. The next activity was focused at recognizing strengths.

The last activity was jotting down the various career options which are available to students and then rating them according to their skill and will.

Making a graph and plotting the various options on it according to the two principles of skill and will enabled students to decide which option would help them make a better. It was a very informative and learning experience.

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