Friday, June 9, 2023

Maoists loot detonators kept in warehouse at West Singhbhum


Jamshedpur: In a shocking incident, CPI Maoists looted detonators kept in a  warehouse of a company located in Saranda forest area of West Singhbhum district.

According to information, the ultras raided the warehouse of DK Ghosh Company located in the area last night and looted the detonators. The warehouse is located in Parambaljodi village area.

The detonators were kept for supply. A company named DK Ghosh is engaged in supplying explosives to private iron ore mines in the area.

SP Ashutosh Shekhar confirmed the incident and informed that the quantity of detonators looted is yet to be ascertained.

Sources informed the ultras were not able to succeed in looting the large gunpowder stored there.

The security of the place where explosives are kept in Parambaljodi village area was under the responsibility of the private security guard of the same village. The Naxalites had already come to know about this. After this, they attacked with full planning and looted detonators etc.

According to sources, the police have sounded alert for all the police stations and CRPF camps in West Singhbhum district. On March 30, due to Ram Navami, all the police were busy and there was rain and storm in the night. Taking advantage of which the Naxalites carried out this incident. The agencies of the mines where the explosives are kept have also been alerted.

A company named DK Ghosh is already engaged in supplying explosives to private iron ore mines. They hold a licence. They also have a petrol pump in Barajamda. The company operates vehicles with explosives.

Even about a decade and a half ago, Naxalites had looted a vehicle filled with 12 tonnes of gunpowder near Check Naka of the Forest Department located in Chandipos, Odisha and fled to the Saranda forest.

Police said that the security has been beefed up in the area and they were keeping strict vigil on movement of the Naxlites. “There has been a substantial increase in Maoist activities in this. We are not much concerned about small acts of violence because these activities can be controlled by us, but the bigger attacks are worrisome,” said a security official.

Sources informed that the police have decided to ensure strict vigil and deploy additional security forces in the fringe areas. “Security has been beefed up in the area and they were keeping strict vigil on movement of the Naxalites. The plan is to keep a tab on the camps being operated by ultras,” said another official.

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