Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Maoists increase activities in Ghatshila subdivision

Jamshedpur: The ultras belonging to the banned out fit CPI (Maoists) have suddenly increased activities in the Ghatshila subdivision that comprises of areas like Dumaria, Musaboni, Chakulia, Bahragora and Ghatshila.

Sources informed that apart from wall painting and waging poster campaign to boycott elections, the red guerillas have been reported to conspiring to hamper peaceful polling and launch offensive against poll personnel.

The Assembly seats of Ghatshila, Potka and Bahragora will go for polls. The security establishment is on high working hard to ensure a peaceful atmosphere in the subdivision ahead of the phase polls scheduled for December 2.

“Going by the situation on Wednesday night when the ultras had blocked the road connecting Chakulia to Bhelpahari under East Singhbhum district by putting trees on the way it seems that the Maoists are conspiring to fill fear among villagers so that they do not take part in the poll exercise.

The Maoists also left behind posters warning people not to take part in polling,” said Jay Kishan, political
activist of Ghatshila.

He went on to inform that the ultras have put posters at areas like Kaladuba, Chapri and Badajundi of Ghatshila asking people to boycott polling. The ultras are trying to create tension among villagers so that the polling exercise could be disturbed.

Sources also informed that the ultras may also block roads in a similar fashion to hamper traffic movement during polling.

An official said that the security has been beefed up in the area and they were keeping strict
vigil on movement of the Naxlites.

“There has been a substantial increase in Maoist activities in this. We are not much concerned about small acts of violence because these activities can be controlled by us, but the bigger attacks are worrisome,” said a security official.

It may be recalled that three people were killed while six others sustained injuries when an explosive device planted beneath a tree on a road at Badam village under the Patamda block of the East Singhbhum district recently.

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