Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Mangoes, litchis give denizens a taste of summer, sales pick up

Jamshedpur: Summer may be cruel unscheduled power cuts and soaring temperatures, but the seasons incomplete without the aroma of naturally ripened mangoes and their nectar-sweet taste.

Juicy mangoes from different parts of the country are enticing fruit lovers. So, times ahead may be to say goodbye to mango, but still some days are left when the tickling taste buds can be satiated. Though some boast of having had a good crop this year, others say extreme weather conditions like heat and rain have affected their crops.

Jamshedpur market is flooded with different types of mangoes ranging from Rs 40 Kg to 70 Kg. “Climatic changes have hit the mango production in this belt badly. Last year, the entire crop was damaged first due to excessive cold and then by rains. Besides, various diseases hit production resulting in poor export,” said Sanjay Trivedi a big mango trader.

“Even if we have good production, mango produced in this belt, fail to compete with varities produced in South India which include Baigampalli, Totapari, Alphonso and Ratna. Demand of South Indian verities is higher in off shore markets due to quality and taste,” he said.

As compared to mango, the producers claimed that litchi was more lucrative. �Litchi production is more profitable as compared to mango. Besides, excessive use of pesticides and insecticides has affected the quality and quanity of mango in the area,” they said.

Denizens seemed to be enjoying the fair despite the sweltering heat. “We look forward to summer because we get to eat naturally grown fruit. It’s important for urban consumers to experience food other than junk,” said Anand Prakash, a buyer.

However the price rise due to poor yield is also matter of great concern for the buyers. Sources informed that the heat wave in Jharkhand and Bihar has resulted to poor growth of several fruits due to which the supply is no able to match the demand.

The vendors are selling litchis at the rate of Rs.70 per kg which were earlier being sold at Rs.60. The prices of other fruits have also increased.

�The prices of fruits were low earlier. But now the prices are increasing because of less supply due to heat wave. The rise in temperature and delayed in rainfall have destroyed the cultivation and has resulted in a gap between supply and demand,� said Bimla Tudu, a fruit seller from Patamda.

Residents say that prices of fruits are becoming unaffordable for them. Consumption of selected fruits and vegetables are an integral part of the celebrations however, the prices have forced people to loosen their purse strings.

The prices of food grain, sugar and other items of daily needs have created an explosive situation everywhere because of weak monsoon and drought like situation. Meanwhile prices of several fruits like banana, apple, lichis and mango have also witnessed an increase of 10 to 15 per cent.

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