Thursday, June 17, 2021

Mamata Ji, protect Ma, Mati, Manush of West Bengal: Raghubar Das

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Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, May 5: While staging dharna in his home against the atrocities in West Bengal, former Chief minister and BJP national vice president Raghubar Das came down heavily on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for the inhuman and terrifying incidences of crime prevailing in her state. He observed, “Election is the festival of democracy. But in Bengal, before, during and after the Assembly elections, barbaric acts have blotched the canvas of democracy and shaken the roots of the Constitution.”

Elucidating his observation, Raghubar Das said that since before the election, incidents of violence, setting fire, bomb hurling and smashing public properties ruled the scenario. “During the election periods the same madness was repeated and after the elections many BJP leaders and activists were ruthlessly murdered, two women who are party activists were gang raped and our party’s offices were ransacked and set on fire. These incidents raise posers in the way democracy is being derogated in Bengal.”

The former Jharkhand Chief minister said that such wounds turned more painful when the entire opposition maintained a ‘silence of impotence’ over the dastardly acts being unleashed by TMC protected goons and other antisocial. “It is indeed lamentable that the candle gang has taken shelter in their burrows and the lot of award returners are nowhere in the scene. They know very well that BJP women have not been raped but it is democracy that has be humiliated. There has been murder of democracy. Humanity is ashamed.”

Raghubar Das said that the TMC and their pet hooligans did not know that BJP had to struggle through attacks and violence to reach where it stood today. He stated, “In Bengal we fought the battle of the Assembly ballot in accordance with the norms of democracy and our Constitution. The leap from three seats to 80 is testimony enough that BJP can fight and surge ahead in a democratic manner. The entire Bengal administration was under the control of the ruling party (TMC), the goons got TMC protection for their barbaric acts. The entire opposition was with the ruling party. But what is the logic of killings and loot after getting a democratic mandate of the people? Nowhere else in the country have such acts of debauchery and vandalism occurred as is happening in West Bengal. my advice to the West Bengal Chief Minister is Mamata Ji, protect your Ma, Mati, Manush in West Bengal instead of destroying the vestiges of humanitarianism.”

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