Saturday, June 25, 2022

A locality where women dare alcoholics after dusk

Jamshedpur: Tipplers of Indira Colony at Mango, situated near National Highway 33, are no longer free to hit the bottle at their whim and fancy. In fact, they are no more allowed to drink, courtesy a vigorous campaign against alcoholism and liquor trade launched by a group of local women.

Leader of the group, Sumitra Kumhar, says every evening the local women come out of their homes and move through the locality in search of tipplers. In case anyone is found drinking or selling liquor in the area, the women take them to task. If anyone is found drinking, the women ask that person the address of the shop or distillery from where he got the liquor and conduct raids at such places, said Sumitra.

“At the liquor dens, we seize the liquor and throw them down the drains. We warn those selling or distilling liquor against carrying on the business in the area at the first instance. Second time we inform police and take their help to bust such shops and distilleries,” said the group leader.

As a result of the harsh stance adopted by the local women, Indira Colony is witnessing reduction in alcoholism.

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