Thursday, November 30, 2023

Live high-tension wire falls at NIT campus, major mishap averted

Jamshedpur : A live high-tension wire fell on the NIT campus in Adityapur as a major mishap got averted. However four cattles lost life.

The live wire with 11,000 KVA power running through it fell on the vicinity of the NIT staff quarters, where the residents of the staff quarters use to move around.

The owners of the buffaloes, Ram Pravesh, came out of his house close to the NIT campus and started driving the cattles toward the adjoining field along the Kharkai river for grazing the field. As he was proceeding toward the field by following the cattles, he saw four of his buffaloes fell down one after another and writhen in pain.

Pravesh said that as he saw the cattles getting electrocuted, he became more concerned about the danger posed to the human lives and thus kept guard at the place of occurrence asking the people not to tread into the dangerous zone.
Later as crowd started gather at the spot, a group of people led by councillor Sudhir Chowdhury of Adityapur Municipal Council consoled Pravesh and informed the NIT administration as well as the local Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB) authority for taking care of the situation.

The power supply to the NIT, Jamshedpur is made by the utility company, Jusco, but the electrical infractures on the engineering college campus is maintained by the NIT administration only.

Professor M Tigga, who is in-charge of the NIT administration, however, expressed his unawareness about the Jusco writing letters warning them of mishap due to loose and worn-out wiring.

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