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Literary fest at NHES brings students’ talent to the fore

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Jamshedpur: Narbheram Hansraj English School (NHES) hosted the the literary festival in the school premises on Saturday. The event was organized in two segments – Elocution and Skit Presentation.

The elocution competition was initiated by Paramita Roy Chaudhury, the Principal of the school in the year 2011 and the skit competition was introduced in 2014 and since then the literary fest has become an annual event in the school calendar.

The students from LKg to class XII participated in the preliminary rounds of elocution and the selected candidates participated in the Literary Fest.

‘Elocution’ is the skill of clear and expressive speech especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation. It is the art of public speaking in which gesture, vocal production and delivery are emphasized.

The elocution contest was held in three categories. In senior level- Aafreen Parween of class 12 C bagged the first prize for speaking on the topic ‘Oprah Winfrey’s Commencement address at the Duke University’.
Muskan of class 11 E was second. She spoke on the topic ‘Women are not a curse to the society’.

In the middle level- Arindol Dey of class 10 C won the first prize for her speech on the topic “I have a Dream” followed by Anushka Banerjee of class 9 A “A speech of Mother Teresa”.

In the Junior level- Alisha Kumari Patro of class 7 B was first. She spoke on “Smoking is cool…..Not!”. Nandini Upadhyay of class 5 B spoke on “Mother who Matters” and was adjudged the runners-up.

The word ‘Skit’ refers to a short hand literary piece of humorous or satirical character. Skit provides students with a chance to act out rather than merely talk about ways to solve social problems effectively.

The preliminary round of the skit competition was held on 6th and 7th November, 2017. 14 teams participated ranging from class 3 to class 12. The skit was conducted at two levels – Junior & Senior School Level.

The plays for the Literary Fest were selected on the basis of the theme of the play, the acting skills of the participants and the overall presentation. The students were involved in script writing, music selection and stage decoration.

The final of the skit presentation was held in two categories. In Junior level- Students of class 5 D comprising of Harsh Aryan ,Vineet Mahato , Khushboo Kumari ,Trisha Singh ,Yash Kumar ,Mahi Kumari , Tejas Roy ,Shrey Kr Mandal , Shalini ,Ashna Singh ,Suman Kr Jyotishi ,Prashant Kumar Shaw & Nandini Upadhyay enacted play ‘The Gift of Ghost’.

In the super senior level- Aalia Nisa ,Aakash Jain ,Babli Pareek ,Gagandeep Singh ,Harshit Agarwal ,Ishika Jain ,Jatin Vaghela ,Khushi Chachra ,Manpreet Singh ,Prerna Bhartia ,Rounak Jaiswal ,Rohit Maheshwari ,Simran Bhalotia ,Ayesha ,Anamika Singh & Vatsal Johri of class 11 D enacted a play Mime presentation on “Women Harrassment”
The programme concluded with group recitation presented by the students of class 2 ‘A’ on the poem “Sick” and the students of class 4 ‘C’ recited a poem “Smile” to spread the message of happiness all around.

‘The aim of the literary fest is to foster team work, encourage students to develop their communication skills and inspire students to read and to widen their horizon of knowledge’, said Paramita Roy Chaudhury, Principal, NHES.

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