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Lions Quest concludes its 19th teachers training workshop in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, September 1: Three days Teachers Training Workshop on Lions Quest: Skills for Adolescence held at Hotel Boulevard concluded with the Valedictory function and distribution of International Certificate.

This was the 20th such workshop to be held in Jamshedpur is in itself a record in the country. Jamshedpur nick named as Lions Quest City of India in Lions has started this internally approved since 2005.

The workshop was jointly organized by two Lions Club of Adityapur Greater and Lions Club of Jamshedpur North. Ratna Choudhry, Senior Trainer, Lions Quest has so far counted 19 Teachers Training Workshop in Jamshedpur and another conducted by Manisha Ghanti.�

Sharing their experiences at the Valedictory session Joy Deep, Baljeet, Sushrita Paul, Sushma Tirkey and many others spoke about the usefulness of this programme and said that they have now become more familiar and conscious with the feelings and sentiments of today�s adolescents this will help them understand better and build a cordial relationship with the students more as a friend and as a counsellor rather than just a teacher.

All of them found the workshop to be unique in its kind, more interactive and full of energizers. The workshop they felt have made them realize their goal both as a teacher and as well as a parent.�

First Vice District Governor Rajnish Kumar shared his experience how along with Ratna Choudhry they worked in coordination with different high schools of Jamshedpur way back in August 2004 and had this programme started in 2015 in Jamshedpur.

Since then it has grown further and has brought about positive changes in the attitude of both students and parents.

Family bond and community service has got inculcated into the students and they are now able to resist the negative pressure and say no boldly to whatever they feel is wrong.�

Ratna Choudhry, Senior Trainer, Lions Quest found the group of teachers to be very participative and hope that students will be able to get access over the SFA programme into their respective schools.�

A K Srivastava, Past District Governor elaborated the present scenario and the challenges being face by the students today. He said in his school days neither student nor parent were very much conscious.

Options were limited and social norms were predominant. Today with the change in the family set up and with increasing access to different avenues, threats too have got manifold.

The increase in the suicide rate is mainly due to lack of family support and various pressures including academic. Student today are very talented and given an opportunity they can do miracles, he added. �

All the participants were awarded the international certificate and group photograph by the distinguished guests.

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