Friday, December 1, 2023

Lalit Das cleans Chhath Ghat in Bagunhatu

Jamshedpur: A team of volunteers of the city-based social organization Lok Samarpan led by its president Lalit Das carried out cleaning of the Neem Bhatta Chhath Ghat in Bagunhatu on Monday. Before the campaign, Das inspected the ghat to see the availability of basic amenities including water and electricity supply.

He cleaned the ghat with a broom and motivated others to clean the venue. Local residents informed Das about the difficulty and inconvenience caused by water-logging around the ghat due to the presence of big pits. Das immediately called the Personal Secretary of the Chief Minister, Manindra Choudhary, asking him to arrange for slag to fill in the pit.

Among others present during the cleanliness drive included Bhupendra Singh of TSPDL, Ruby Jha, Neeraj Kumar, Abhishek Agrawal, Golu, Amit Agrawal, Jeevan Sahu, Kamla, Kanta, Pramila Devi and Machhendra.

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