Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Kodas take up the cause of mining workers

Noamundi: Former Chief Minister Madhu Koda and his wife MLA Geeta Koda along with a large number of Jay Bharat Samanata Party activists took out a procession and held a street-corner meeting at various places of Noamundi block against the closure of 12 iron ore mines on Saturday.

The former CM alleged that both the state and Central governments are responsible to the closure of Mines in Noamundi.

He said thousands of labourers dependent upon mining work for their livelihood have become jobless. The MLA said, �The faulty policies of the government led the closure of mines in the state.

The people living in mining areas and labourers dependent for their daily earning on mines are facing a tough time.

Our party has decided to regularly hold street-corner meetings and pressurized the government to renew the mining lease as soon as possible.�

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