Thursday, December 7, 2023

Jugsalai residents unite to solve electricity crisis

Jamshedpur, August 18: From past one week the region of Jugsalai has been witnessing heavy disruptions in the electric supply.

There are no specific timings for the load shedding and hardly 4-5 hours of electricity a day is being supplied to the households and shops.

All complaints have proven futile and finally the people of the area rose into action. On Tuesday under the supervision of Nirmal Kr. Kabra former president of the Singhbhum Chamber of commerce the residents of Jugsalai assembled at the Ginni Bai Dharamshala.

The meeting discussed the problems being faced by the people of the region. Some also expressed anger at elected members-MLA and MP, who are not taking actions on their problems.

The meeting decided unanimously that an NGO called �Jugsalai Vikas Samiti� will be established a petition will be submitted citing all issues to all govt. offices. On Friday August 21st the group will submit a copy of the petition to the Electricity General Manager at 3:30 pm.

The meeting was attended by Abbas Ansari, Shiv Kr. Sharma, Rameshwar Lal Sharma, Prabudh Vajpayee, Md. Suved, Mumtaz Ahmed, Kamal Arfi Gaddi, Md. Nadeem, sanjay Singh, Raju Gaddi, Md. Jamil, Satyanarayan Agarwal and Murari lal Agarwal.

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