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JSCA member can only dream of becoming the President

Jamshedpur, July 15: If you are a member of Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) and dream of contesting election for the President, then you have a bad news coming your way.

A similar proposal will be put up for discussion in the upcoming general meeting at Deoghar on July 19. According to the proposal, only a former or current office bearer (President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer) of the JSCA can contest the polls.

Earlier any JSCA member either from district or an office bearer from a club could contest the elections. On the other hand election for representatives of school & club will be held in Jamshedpur and the tenure of the same will be of 5 years as compared to earlier rule the tenure was of 4 years.

Ranchi District Cricket Association’s (RDCA) former secretary, Sunil Singh opposed the new proposal saying that by taking this step JSCA President Amitabh Choudhary is trying to cover up his anomalic deeds. This would draw the president out of the picture.

Addressing a press conference at Bistupur, Sunil Singh charged the president of amending the laws as per his will. “The JSCA constitution has 35 laws, but in the last 11 years it has been seen that 38 amendments have been done. On August 15, 2004 the districts were given the rights for 20-20 votes but outer person was inducted as the member from the mentioned districts”, added Sunil.

Former Secretary of RDCA noted that the voting rights of new members were given after two years during the annual meeting held at Bokaro on May 14, 2006.

In the year 2006, the then home minister of Jharkhand, Sudesh Mahato contested the elections of JSCA, and then the law was amended saying that only the official who has served the district or club for more than 5 years can become eligible for elections, said Singh adding that the JSCA tenure was raised from 2 years to 4 years.

On the other hand new members of the district can contest election only after 5 years. Sunil Singh further informed that previously the AGM had to be organized latest by July 30 but now the date has been changed to August 31.

As per the law, nine days before each AGM all members should receive the copies of the annual reports; but since 2004 the rule has been ignored. Officers of JSCA have been made the office bearers of Country Cricket Club.

Sunil Singh also blamed the Cricket Association of not paying attention to the issues of the state players. Till date none of the players have been insured with policies, neither has the first class players been given membership.

The staff members who have been working for the Association for the past 40 years, have neither been provided with a PF account, nor any ESI amount gets deposited in their accounts, Singh signed off.

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