Thursday, February 25, 2021

JNAC plans artificial ponds for the immersion of idols in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, Feb 17: In a move to curb rising river pollution in the city, civic body Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee ( JNAC) has announced that it will set up artificial ponds for the immersion of idols near Domuhani and Subarnarekha river. The objective of making these ponds is to keep the rivers clean and maintain the level of water in the rivers.

Saurav Suman, Solid Waste Management expert of JNAC said the work for construction of artificial ponds has started and it is expected to be ready soon.

In view of Saraswati puja, civic bodies JNAC and Tata Steel Utilities ( formerly JUSCO) are requesting people coming to immerse the Saraswati idols in Domuhani to perform rituals on the bank of the river and place the idols near the river instead of immersing them in the river so that the water is saved from contamination as well as people’s faith. The civic body urged residents to avoid visiting the seashore for idol immersion amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Civic officials said that they want residents to use the artificial pond for immersion and take out small processions with a few people to ensure social distancing.

“ The move is aimed to stop river pollution and moreover, the situation is completely different. We are encouraging people to use artificial ponds so that crowds can be avoided at river banks,” said an official.

Traditionally idols are immersed in natural water bodies such as lakes, rivers etc. The drawback or impact is water pollution caused by the immersion of plaster of paris idols into natural water bodies.

“A growing awareness about the water pollution has been initiated by civic bodies with co-operation of and NGOs. The campaigns on the concept of immersing idols in artificial ponds are needed. Artificial ponds are eco-friendly and response for eco-friendly immersions looks encouraging,” said the official.

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