Saturday, September 23, 2023

Jharkhand opposition leader slams Global Investors� Summit

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Ranchi: Leader of Opposition and executive president of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) Hemant Soren on Tuesday slammed the Global Investor Summit (GIS) beginning from February 16 and called it “Garib Intimidation Summit”.

“It’s not Global Investor Summit (GIS) rather it is Garib Intimidation Summit. This means state government is spending hundreds of crores of rupees to intimidate tribal, indigenous and minority people. The correct word will be if the state government spends the money for land grabbers,” Soren said in a press conference here.

“The present government wants the people to understand that it is in the hands of these capitalists. Government will stand with capitalists when poor people’s land will be grabbed by these investors,” he added.

The leader also questioned the state government’s move to acquire land itself and sell it to investors. “The state government will now acquire land and sell them to investors, who will be free to sell the land after earning a profit.”

Soren also took a dig at the state government’s plan to sell liquor. “The officials and police have been told to find liquor shops in urban and rural areas. The priority of the state government is to ensure that poor and tribal people get liquor.”

“The state government’s demonic face will reflect if one goes through the amendments made in land acts, industrial policies, liquor policy and allocating land to investors,” he said adding the slogan: “Will buy land sell liquor, see Raghubar Das government’s development.”

“The Prime Minister has appreciated liquor ban in Bihar and in Jharkhand. Despite this, the BJP government in the state has said that it will now sell liquor which gives adequate proof of its intentions,” Soren said.

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