Saturday, April 10, 2021

‘Jeevan’ to help children affected by Blue Whale game

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Jamshedpur, Sept. 19: Jeevan, a city-based suicide prevention centre located at 25, Q Road, Bistupur, has appealed the parents monitor their child and visit the centre with their child is he/she is showing some weird behaviour as he might be affected by the killer game ‘Blue Whale’.

Dr. Mahavir Ram, founder, Jeevan says, if your teenager child is showing weird behaviour, he/she may be in the process of playing this deadly game.

‘As parents you may look for the following signs- the child is withdrawing from family and friend, shows strong desire to use smart phones for long hours, wakes up around 4.00 am and goes out of the house, puts cut marks on his arms or thighs, talks about suicide or self harm etc.’, added Dr. Ram.

He urged the parents to visit the centre with the child if they notice any of the above signs between 10.00 am to 06.00 pm and can also call on the helpline nos.- 0657-6555555 / 6453841.

‘We will provide help and counsel the child against the blue whale game menace as the game is causing irreparable loss to the society by instigating the teen agers to end their lives by committing suicide. It has taken more than 150 lives around the world. The authentic figure for India is not available’, added Dr. Ram.

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