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JARMA helps ferry 609 road accident victims to hospital in a year

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Jamshedpur, August 31: It�s been a year since the launch of JARMA (Jamshedpur Accident Response and Medical Assistance) in the city and the facility has received overwhelming response.

The city which was prone to road accidents with ever increasing vehicle has seen a sea of change as JARMA has proved to be a life saver on wheels at accident-prone crossings, said Sudeep Bhattacharjee, Regional Administrator, Emergency Medical Services at Medica Hospital.

Addressing a press meet, Sudeep said, �Tata Steel and Jharkhand Police have been very supportive in running the 24*7 ambulance service in Jamshedpur and the overall impact has been excellent. The response time of all six ambulances has also been good�.

Talking about the numbers, Sudeep further informed, �From September 1, 2014 till August 31, 2015 we have received 1072 calls of which 609 road accident victims have been transferred to hospitals while 53 were released after first aid.

Remaining 410 were not found on the spot, said Sudeep adding that the people here are not very familiar with the service and it�s been only a year since it was launched but we hope that more and more people would avail this benefit in coming years�.

More ambulances would be added to JARMA fleet in future and the six ambulances currently running two have been stationed at MGM Police Station, One each in Parsudih PS, Sakchi PS, Golmuri PS, and Kadma PS.

Talking about the Ranchi-Tata National Highway, Regional Administrator said, �Police department has done the mapping as to where the vehicles (ambulances) should be kept and we hope one should be Bundu and other NH areas will be identified soon.

Two ambulances have also been kept at Namkum Police Station and we have received a good response in Ranchi also� added Sudeep.

�We will add more facilities to the vehicles in future but right now the basic services are enough to treat the victims, said Sudeep adding that Dr. Neha Gupta has taken over the job of Site Coordinator in Jamshedpur�.

Medica Jamshedpur will also be organisng a program to mark one year of JARMA services were Chairman of Medica Dr. Alok Roy, VP CSR Manjula Singh along with others will be present.

It may be noted that Jharkhand Police with the help of Tata Steel and Medica (Kantilal Gandhi Memorial Hospital) had rolled out 24*7 ambulance service on August 31, 2014 to help road accident victims were the ambulance will rush to the mishap spot on giving a call within 10 minutes.

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