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Jamshedpur writer pens book on Bollywood, ‘Ek Safar Mein’

Jamshedpur, Dec. 8: For the first time, a novel has been written on such an issue, which throws light on the lives of ordinary actors and the reality of the Bollywood TV industry. The title of the book is ‘Ek Safar Mein’ and its author is city born Ansuman Bhagat whose book is being published by Author’s Tree Publishing on December 18.

Ansuman was born in the city of Jamshedpur. He came to Mumbai in 2012 and returned and then when he returned to Mumbai in 2014, he started contributing to the TV industry as a casting director. After casting for almost three years, Ansuman felt like writing his own book. He left the casting job to concentrate on writing the book. In 2018, Ansuman Bhagat’s first book ‘Your Own Thought’ was published by Invincible Publisher, Delhi. After the publication of the book, it got the tag of bestselling on Amazon.

Ansuman Bhagat explains that sometimes circumstances make us do things that we do not want. But no matter what the situation, if a person starts carving himself. So thousands of new doors are opened for him, from where the distance of success can be set. But for this there should be a strong desire within the person and hard work towards one’s own work is also very necessary. So that the senses are not attracted to anything else.

“Today almost all the new actors are aware that if you want to fulfill your dreams in a big city like the Mumbai film industry, then first know how to survive here. Knowing all this, people strangle their dreams because it seems impossible for them to fulfill their dreams by moving from small towns to big cities, not only that, they wander from their paths and choose the wrong path and how, In the Mumbai Mayanagari film industry, there is a big “scam” happening in the name of casting with new artists, new artists should take these things seriously, so through this book author Ansuman Bhagat wants to share his experience with all those artists,” he noted.

He added that there is a need to throw light on the social good and the real problem which is still veiled today and no one wants to take it seriously and every person should be aware that something is going wrong somewhere because due to this the Mumbai film industry is becoming hollow in the eyes of the people and it benefits such people sitting in the industry who fill their pockets because they have nothing to do with people’s acting. Apart from this, all the information related to acting in this book and how to work in the industry by staying away from fake people is in the book “Ek Safar Mein”.

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