Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Jamshedpur writer Ansuman favours simple words to improve writing 

Jamshedpur, June 26: For Jamshedpur writer Ansuman Bhagat, writing is not just limited to pen and paper, Ansuman explains that writing gives direction to my life and at the same time helps me to keep my thoughts flowing continuously. The time it takes for a writer to judge his own thoughts is longer than the time it takes for a writer to reach his readers. So that the right and accurate ideas can reach the people and it leads to a better option in life.

Ansuman Bhagat is a famous writer of the 21st century whose name comes first among the famous personalities of Jamshedpur in the field of writing. 

Along with this, Ansuman is also known for his simple writing and beautiful ideology. Ansuman Bhagat is the first writer in the country who raised his voice for the rights of writers and their livelihood from the state government. He has written four books so far and all these books also come in the category of bestselling books on the World Wide Web. Ansuman’s fourth book was recently published, titled ‘Ek Safar Mein’, in this book he wrote on the reality of Bollywood TV industry and the life of a common artist, due to which Ansuman Bhagat became a subject of much discussion.

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