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Jamshedpur traffic cops make people take safety pledge


Jamshedpur, Feb 8: As part of the Road Safety Week β€” an annual national event traffic police made people take oath to follow traffic rules and making people aware about road safety measures. Those individuals not wearing helmets and triple riders were fined, others without driving licence got a rap. The drive of helmet checking was made so much vigorous and intensified that the two-wheelers riders were taken aback as many of them had to cope with more than one checking post while moving from one point of the city to another.

Traffic DSP Babban Singh said the idea was to drive home the message of safety in a subtle way. “Traffic police can fine errant drivers if it happens time and again. Their licences can be suspended. But we want them to understand the importance of safety rules. We made several law breakers take a safety pledge that they will abide by the rules,” he said.

As part of a road safety drive, the traffic cops are flagging down bikers riding without helmets and making them take pledge on safety. The campaign has generated a buzz as it is surprising commuters and motorists alike for the last few days.

β€œIt is a fact that deaths related to road accidents in India are much higher than murders. The prime cause of which is negligence on the part of people in following traffic rules and giving precedence to safety measures while driving. Most of the accidents are caused by drunk driving, triple loading, using mobile phones while driving, and riding without helmets and seat belts. The road safety month is the right occasion to sensitise people about their safety measures,” said another official.

He said that making people understand the importance of traffic rules is a major challenge which needs to be checked immediately. The officer said that parents must cooperate with the traffic authorities in order to ensure violation-free passage of traffic in the city.

During the campaign traffic constables after catching violators, mainly helmetless riders and drivers without seat belts, will request them to wear helmets and follow traffic safety rules for their own safety and for their family.

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