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Jamshedpur shopkeepers call off dharna after Banna Gupta’s assurance 


Jamshedpur, March 29: Shopkeepers were sitting on a dharna after bulldozers ran over shops on Sunday night at the divider located on Mango Dimna Road in Jamshedpur were met by Jamshedpur West MLA and health minister Banna Gupta on Wednesday.

Banna Gupta reached the site of the dharna which had entered third day.

Shopkeepers assured that shops would be allotted to 45 shopkeepers whose names are in the list. The rest of the shopkeepers will also be allotted shops soon. All shopkeepers will get shops. After the assurance of Health Minister, the shopkeepers decided to call off the dharna.

The city manager of Mango Municipal Corporation told that at present the shopkeepers whose names are in the list shops have been allotted to them.

The shopkeepers told the minister that the place which has been given does not have a way and would not be visited by customers.

“There is no way to reach the shops, so a way will also be made. Mango Municipal Corporation will soon provide all the facilities there and the way will also be made available,” Banna Gupta assured.

Banna Gupta said that he had already talked to the district administration that no poor’s shop should be destroyed. Everyone should be given a shop.

The Health Minister said that Mango Municipal Corporation will investigate and those who are in illegal occupation of the allotted shop would be vacated and it would be given to legitimate shopkeepers who used to set up shop on Dimna divider earlier. 

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