Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Jamshedpur schools celebrate Children’s Day with fun and games


Jamshedpur: After a gap of two years, Children’s Day was celebrated on a grand scale this year. While Children’s Day is celebrated all over the country with much fun, frolic and fanfare, the activities of some schools in the city remind us of another reason to celebrate the occasion – the limitless potential possessed by children to do good.

City schools have begun the trend of teaching their students social responsibility through programmes that give students a first hand look into the lives of the needy and underprivileged, and allow them to help bring about a positive change. To celebrate Children’s Day with a difference, Loyola School organised a carnival today at the school premises.

Various stalls of food items and fun games were put up by enthusiastic teachers. It was a festive atmosphere with children participating in various activities. The idea was to look beyond the curriculum and celebrate their individuality.

These are just a few of the efforts being undertaken by the aforementioned schools and many others in the city to render some help to those in need, demonstrating that bringing up children with strong morals and values is as important a part of education as the content of their textbooks.

There is quite a lot of excitement among children now as the academic year enters its last leg, also marking the beginning of cultural events. While the first half of the year was characterised by being back to school and coping with academics, now students are preparing to perform in Children’s Day, annual day programmes, sports days, and talents days.

As most of these events are back to their former glory after a hiatus, school managements are also planning to conduct them on larger scales.

Teachers and school management are seeing these events as a way to boost children’s confidence. For Children’s Day, at most schools, teachers are giving musical performances along with organising other fun games, skits, and lunch for all the students.

“To teach children how to think, this year for Children’s Day we are having a carnival. We had stalls for fun games, interesting activities, and a food corner. We are emphasising on students’ participation rather than them being a mere audience. This is clubbed with a few of the teachers’ performances,” said a school official.

In December and January, schools will also hold annual days with grandeur where parents will be invited to watch the students’ performances. With many of these cultural events, teachers are also tasked with helping students, who were confined between walls for a better part of two years, to come out and perform in front of people with no fear or anxiety. There are also students who will be performing for the first time in front of hundreds of people.

With regular physical education classes and training, students’ sports skills are now back to pre-pandemic levels, schools say. To encourage them further, annual sports day events will be organised by the end of the year in most schools.

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