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Jamshedpur: Maoist warning posters appear near Bengal border

Jamshedpur, Nov 3: Posters claimed to be written by Maoists have surfaced at Bandih Mor and Kashmar village of Oria Panchayat under Kamalpur police station of East Singhbhum district.

Naxalites have pasted posters written in red ink. In the poster, the ultras have written in Bengali language that the villagers should not think that the Maoists are over. Maoists are still there and will avenge the death of Kishan ji (former Naxalite leader) very soon, now in thousand. Lal Salaam and CPI Maoist are written at the bottom of the poster. The news of posting posters of Naxalites has spread sensation in the area and the local people are scared.

The villagers have informed the local police about the poster pelting by the Naxalites. The police have said the matter might be the handiwork of mischievous elements. However, the police have also started an investigation in the matter. At the same time, all the posters have been confiscated by the police.

Soraram Tudu, a resident of a local village said that the propaganda of Maoist literature and ideology is used as an attack to a democratic right of a person. The Maoists wage poster war to instill fear among villagers. He went on to add that the outfit called for economic blockade recently but the villagers never pay heed to their demands and threats.

“Such posters are common in our village but we are gripped with fear since the Maoists have threatened revenge. These posters have left us in a state of fear though the local police are cooperating with us but still we are in panic,” said another villager.

Police however said Maoist posters were found in remote villages. They have sounded alert in view of the posters. “Besides deployment of adequate number of security personnel, we have also alerted police in vulnerable areas of block, we are also investigating

Sources informed that apart from wall painting, waging poster campaign is a regular feature in the naxal infested areas of Patamda, Chakulia. The red guerillas have been reported to be conspiring to hamper peaceful life in the villages. A police official said that the ultras were trying to create tension among villagers so that they could disturb them.

“We are not much concerned about these small acts because these activities can be controlled by us, but the bigger attacks are worrisome,” said a security official.

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