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Jamshedpur girl Kritika sets six world records in Yoga


Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, June 21: Kritika Kumari, 25, a resident of Jamshedpur, has made the city proud by making six world records in the field of yoga. She is the first girl of India to have made so many records in a span of just one year.

Currently, Kritika provides yoga training to police personnel and engineering students. Her first record was created when she performed Hindola Asana continuously for 31 minutes and entered the World Book of Yoga Records as the longest performer. In December, she also clinched five more world records in yoga by performing Utkat Asana, Kraunchasana, Anantasana, Pachimottan Asana and Bhujang Asana.

Kritika trains the cops of five police stations simultaneously. She trains them daily and believes the cops need to be fit and healthy so that they may serve the nation efficiently. And she charges the cops nothing at all for her services.

One of Kritika’s students, Ravi Ranjan, said, “We are training under Kritika and are greatly benefitting from it. Yoga helps us maintain good health. It is great to know that Kritika has created Yoga world records.

A police inspector of Sidhgora polie station said, “Yoga cures all our health problems and keeps us fresh the day long. This is very important for cops.”


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